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Join our exercise journey and receive weekly online workout videos sent directly to your inbox. Designed for all fitness levels and coached by ex-British sports aerobics champion Nina.


“LRG’s 10+kids online workout videos are ideal to keep my 11-year-old daughter active. Easy to follow, catering for different exercise levels and with clear instruction given by Nina”.

Westley Silva, North London

“Have done the routine twice now. Am used to HIIT style workouts in the past but haven’t done much for a few months now. Mountain climbers are a killer at the end of a work out! Aiming for 3 x a week as not sure my body could cope with more often for a few weeks but I feel great at the end. Am looking forward to the next video already.”

Claire Colls

“So school run done, dishwasher emptied, LRG online workout videos done at 8.00am. Shower, washing on and all by 9am!”

Bec Gardner , Suffolk

“Just joined LRG fitness and my daughter Erin couldn’t wait to get started – fab workouts for all the family, designed to fit in with your busy lifestyles-no excuses!!”

Nicola Anderson, Norfolk

“So glad I joined LRG Fitness. Four months in and look! This is now become my habit and still loving my new weekly workout videos. I know I’ve improved as mostly follow Ben now!” 

Lorna Redgewell

” So second day of this week’s exercises, loving the fact that the home workout can be done anywhere and at anytime. Isabella also very proud of herself. She managed 22 of the month 1 under 10’s challenge!! Happy Monday!“

Rachel Bridgeman, Suffolk
“Love the fact I get new online workout videos every week. The use it or lose it approach keeps me motivated, plus my daughter loves the kids 10- videos too”
Sunita Apte, Sussex
” 6 years apart. Size 16-18 on the left and 8-10 on the right…my exercise regime has been the game changer. 4x a week HIIT training with @nina_lrgfitness for only £20 per month. Anywhere, anytime, no excuses, no equipment needed, no queuing for a piece of equipment. All pulse racing, heart pounding, sweat pouring workouts. If you aren’t sure….just look at these pictures. I’ve been on this train for 22 weeks. It’s worth it. Trust me. #iamteamlrg
Galit Leslie, Wigan

“I find exercise a brilliant way for me to switch off, and I need to! So the best thing about LRG’s programme is that I can squeeze in a workout either in my lunch break or at the end of my day in the comfort of my own home at my own leisure. Ben and Nina have great synergy and really know what they are talking about, so if you haven’t thought about it already – give it a go, you will be hooked!”

Rachel Ducker Bounce Magazine

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Luca, Roman, Gambling the first and last names of our children. As a family we are all passionate about Fitness and our heartfelt desire is to get individuals, couples and families healthier, happier and more active! 


LRG Fitness Journey

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  • Guided & Pre-Planned Exercise Journey With A New Weekly Workout
  • Virtually Personal Trained All In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
  • Catering For All Fitness Levels With Entry And Advanced Options For Every Exercise
  • Direct Line Of Communication With Your Trainers Nina & Ben
  • Complimentary Exercise Equipment Supplied As Part Of Your Fitness Journey
  • Additional Strength, Conditioning & Abdominal Workouts
  • No Lengthy Commitment Or Tie-ins With Our Monthly Rolling Contract

FAMILY 'kids go free'

  • A Replica Of The Individual Membership Plus We’ve Included The Kids
  • Passionate About Activity Levels For Children We’ve Included Their Videos For Free
  • Monthly Online Workout Videos Targeting Under 10's & Over 10's Sent Directly To Your Inbox
  • We Cater For All Children's Fitness Levels With Our Entry And Advanced Options For Each Exercise
  • No Lengthy Commitment Or Tie-Ins With Our Monthly Rolling Contract

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