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You will receive your brand new weekly video on the day you join and the corresponding day every week thereafter.

You’ll receive your weekly individual video on the day you join and the corresponding day every week thereafter. You’ll receive your 10- video and your 10+ video on the day you join and then 30 days thereafter.

Coordination levels differ massively in children, primarily due to them growing at different rates and times. With this in mind, it will take a good few goes to master the exercises and techniques. So initially they may struggle and perhaps even look clumsy at times but towards the end of the month watch the improvement.

Along with our own children, we are fortunate enough to have friends who are willing to loan us theirs and who are prepared to appear in our videos. When the children are being filmed this is often the first time they have performed these types of exercises and almost certain to be the first time participating in a HIIT session.

Apart from an exercise mat which is optional – no.

Your weekly video will last 7 days. After this time frame you will receive your new video and have access to this one only.

Short bursts of maximum effort followed by short recovery periods. This type of training keeps your heart rate up for longer and burns more calories than regular aerobic and steady-state workouts. Better results and in a shorter time as these sessions are 20 minutes or less so perfect for those with busy schedules!

LRG Fitness felt this to be crucial and therefore you will have exercise options catering from beginner to advanced – work to a level that suits you.

Ideally forever….LRG Fitness believe in a lifestyle and habitual workout – not just a quick fix. That said, you are able to cancel your membership at any time.

In addition to your brand new weekly workout and along with access to your trainers we’ll guide you through our pre-planned exercise journey. We’ll offer to evaluate your food diary. You’ll be sent resistance bands along with accompanying strength and conditioning workouts. Loop band along with accompanying strength and conditioning workouts. Tailored abdominal workouts and in year 2 you’re even reimbursed one month as we introduce Weight-HIIT.

LRG Fitness believes in word of mouth and recommendations. We would love for you to promote us and we will be running a referral scheme offering some of our products by way of a thank you should you do so.

The age groups are a guideline only. Feel free to try the 10+ workout but keep an eye on form and technique.

Yes, this would be an ideal way to discover a starting point and to monitor improvements. Please ensure when the test is carried out that an adult is supervising.

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