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Set Your Goals Membership

From our 3 year catalogue of workouts we’ve hand-picked a selection of our favourites, along with those of our members, to bring together a 12-week comprehensive exercise journey for you to follow with our at-home workouts.

Combining cardiovascular with strength and conditioning, alongside mobility workouts, we’ll deliver everything you’ll need to achieve your own specific goals. With the freedom and convenience to work out whenever and wherever you want you can set your own goals and reach them with LRG. So, if your aim is simply to get beach body ready; to boost energy and feel less stressed; or maybe to fit into that wedding dress or morning suit; we have the answer for you.

With a direct line of contact with your trainers, and equipment supplied, you’ve all you need to start your journey today and make your goals a reality. Remember, you shouldn’t live to exercise. You should exercise to live!

Set Your Goals


One Off Payment

  • Fully Guided, Easy To Follow & A Varied 12 Week Pre-Planned Exercise Programme
  • We’ve Done The Thinking So You Don’t Have To – With A New Weekly Cardio Workout Sent Directly To Your Inbox
  • Additional Strength & Conditioning Workouts Designed To Tone Muscle & Burn More Calories
  • Resistance Bands & loop Band Supplied As Part Of Your Programme
  • Work To Your Own Fitness Level With Moderate & Advanced Options For Every Exercise
  • Need Advice, Reassurance & Motivation – You’ve A Line Of Contact With Your Trainers
  • Virtually Personal Trained All In The Comfort Of Your Own Surroundings
  • Got Wi-fi? Got A Device? Then Get LRG & Become Fitter, Leaner, Stronger, & More Confident