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Wellness & Fitness Hub

LRG On Demand is an online wellness and fitness hub that helps to balance both physical and mental wellbeing through the use of online exercise videos and mindfulness-based workouts. We cover everything from yoga to strength & conditioning, HIIT to desk-based exercises, as well as active aging to kids. Regardless of your age, fitness, or your motivation on any given day, LRG On Demand offers a variety of workouts suitable for everyone. With unlimited access, new videos uploaded regularly, and with only a WIFI connection required, you’ll be able to work on improving your body composition, reducing stress, regulating emotions and improving your stamina and mobility – all from any location.



LRG On Demand provides easy access to an extensive library of online exercise videos, allowing users the ability to work around their own needs and requirements. Your exercise equivalent of Netflix delivers ‘exercise normalised’ with a focus on inclusivity and permits you the freedom to work out anywhere, anytime. You’re always just one click away from the workout you’ll need.