5 Weeks


I’ve always struggled to get into any sort of routine with exercise, it’s always been fairly low on the to-do list. I started 2020 weighing very nearly 17 stone, probably the heaviest, and least fit I have been. That may have bothered me less in past; however, I have an increasingly active son who is nearly 4 and my wife is expecting our second in the summer. I want to be able to keep up with my son but also set a good example for him so he sees being active and exercising as normal.  I am 39 in April which means the 12 month countdown to the Big 4-0 is imminent. It is a mental deadline for me to work to, to get fit and stay fit. I know a number of people who have followed LRG before with great results. The relatively small time commitment and the ability to fit it in whenever and wherever I am were also big plusses for me.


I do struggle finding focus with exercise and if I find something too difficult, it can knock my confidence or if it is repetitive, I can lose interest. Worrying about failing again has been a barrier to getting into something new but it was time to take the plunge. What I have found so far with the LRG Back to Fitness programme is it is very progressive, both within and between the weeks. I’ve found the first run through of each routine about getting the technique down, the subsequent run-throughs build the intensity and just before it gets too easy, a new video arrives and takes it up a notch. It is increasingly challenging but attainable, and with tons of variation to keep my interest. Above all, I find it enjoyable, something I could’t say about a lot of exercise I’ve tried.


It’s early days yet but I have had some great results. Combining the Back to Fitness programme with increased discipline with my diet, I have lost over a stone in the first 4 weeks. I have been feeling better in terms of my fitness with increasing stability and stamina. I have felt like I have much more energy during the day and found sleeping better. (The loss of weight has helped with snoring too, a big benefit for my wife!). I’ve also felt motivated to get back out running and cycling to keep that variation.


I did have an initial incorrect perception that this sort of exercise was something geared towards women, mainly because when I’ve seen similar classes in gyms, it is mostly female participants. This is definitely not the case with LRG, it’s not skewed to either men or women but targeted at building on your current level of fitness. I’d say to any other blokes looking to get fit, this is a great way to do it.