Since January 2018


My main reason for joining was because I’m getting married in August. I’ve always been active and exercised but I was looking for something that was really going to work and help me to get toned for my wedding. A family member has been a member of LRG for a long time and after doing a taster video with her I knew this was the kind of exercise programme I was looking for! I also play netball and I’m always looking to improve, so the tailored England Netball programme that LRG offer was a bonus!


I was concerned that I was eventually going to get bored of the videos and even though they are quick I thought I would find an excuse for not being able to fit them in during the day as I have a busy lifestyle. I was also concerned that I wouldn’t know if I had the correct technique and knew if I wasn’t doing the exercises correctly then I wouldn’t benefit.

My reservations of boredom quickly disappeared when I realised that the videos are completely different every week – not just different exercises but a different format too, so you can’t get bored! After four months I am still doing the videos 3-4 times a week and they have become a priority. Nina’s explanations and pointers throughout the videos mean that you can adjust your technique and you know you’re doing everything correctly.


I have noticed that I am more toned than before I started LRG. I also have more energy and find it much easier to get out of bed in the mornings! My netball game has also improved as I feel much fitter and stronger.

The nutritional advice we’re given has also helped me to think more about a balanced diet and the recipes included in the blog posts are really helpful too!


LRG can work for anyone. The harder and easier options demonstrated by Nina and Ben in the videos mean that you can still do something even if you are struggling or having a bad day, which means you don’t just stop and give up if you’re finding it too hard. The videos are so quick that you can fit them in around a busy day especially as there is also no travel time so you can get home, do the video and carry on with your evening.