That’s Stretching It A Little!

There are two types of stretching commonly referred to as static and dynamic.

The old-school view would have been to go through a series of static stretches prior to participating in any sport and exercise to help prevent injury. As we understand more and more about muscles and how best to look after them, the consensus would strongly lean towards undergoing a series of dynamic stretches to best prepare our bodies prior to any exercise in order to prevent injury and improve sports performance.

Dynamic stretching is the concept of moving continuously even whilst stretching in order to prepare you for the different types of movement your muscles are about to perform. In addition, dynamic stretching will increase your muscles core temperature and stimulate the nervous system all of which can help to aid performance.

Here at LRG Fitness, we recommend a mild aerobic warm-up initially to get your blood flowing to the tissues before doing any stretching to help make the collagen fibres more elastic.

Static stretches are more appropriate for the cool down and should be performed at the end of a training session when the stretches should be held for 10 seconds or longer to help improve mobility and range of movement. Remember with all exercise to breathe when performing them!

Benefits Of Stretching:

It can improve muscular performance and power.

Better flexibility helps improve performance and can decrease the risk of injury.

It increases blood flow to the muscles.

May increase nutrient supply to the muscles that could help relieve soreness in the muscles after a workout.

It can help relieve tight muscles and reduce tension both physically and mentally.

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