What’s It Core About?!

In order to have a strong torso, you need both core stability and core strength…so what is the core?!

Your core is a complex series of muscles, that form part of the abdomen, trunk, and pelvis. The importance of these is unquestionable and although they are incorporated in almost every movement of the human body for the most part they are often forgotten. Back in the day, this wasn’t such an issue for our ancestors who often worked long hours doing labour intensive chores from dawn till dusk.

However, with modern day life, many of us often sit for long periods at a desk and or behind the wheel of a car for hours commuting back and forth to work – all of which isn’t great news for our core as these prolonged periods coupled with little to no exercise weakens the muscles in this area.

The core acts as a stabilising point (think anchor on a ship) and it’s from here that all your power is generated so if the core isn’t strong enough other areas around it will look to compensate and this is when injuries often occur. Just as you wouldn’t set sail without an anchor think of your core as the group of muscles that anchor and assist how the rest of the muscles and body works. A flexible and strong core supports almost everything you do:


  • Reduce risk of injury – strong core prevents other muscles from over straining
  • Good posture – a strong core stops you from slouching and alleviates pressure from your lower back.
  • Perform better in almost all sports – promotes balance and stability.
  • Improve breathing – stronger core can allow for easier breathing. At the top of the core is your diaphragm and breathing from your diaphragm reduces stress and promotes relaxation.
  • Slimmer waistline – correct frequency and intensity of core training will reduce your waist circumference.

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