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Working in a corporate world has its advantages. I get to travel. I get to meet lots of fascinating people and I get a sense of pride that I have reached the career height I aspired to. That’s the plus side. It is also incredibly stressful and with looming deadlines, expectations and pressures, it is sometimes hard to be positive. It also comes with lots of lunches, dinners, and alcohol (optional obviously). My expanding waistline was testament that I indulged. A little too often.

A colleague, catching me on a particularly bad day once suggested I “take a happy pill” This got me thinking. Thinking about the effects of stress on my life and what that could mean long term. I knew I had to change my lifestyle and I read some very scary facts about stress. Clearly, my darkening moods were having an effect on colleagues and perhaps family too.

However, I also read that by undertaking 2.5 hours of exercise a week, it was medically proven that I would not only reduce the effects of stress but I would reduce the risks of things like coronary heart disease and strokes by 35%, type 2 diabetes by 50%, cancers such as breast and colon by 25% and depression and dementia by 30%.

So what pill could I get to take to make me happier? Because exercise seemed impossible to fit into my daily routine along with everything else I had to do. Like getting an extra 10 minutes in bed or watching the catch up TV I had been saving. I couldn’t face the gym. I knew I wouldn’t be motivated.

I needed a quick fix to fit into my busy lifestyle. 20-30 minutes a few times a week. But where could I find something that I would not only complete in such a short timespan but also enjoy enough not to fall face first back into the cake aisle in Tesco’s?

The answer, was indeed, LRG Fitness. My Happy Pill was found.


  • Exercise releases endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that act as a natural pain killer (although never feels like that 20 seconds into a 40-second jumping lunge routine, Nina. Just saying).
  • Endorphins also improve the ability to sleep which reduces stress and depression.
  • Regular exercise also reduces cortisol levels – aka the stress hormone because it is secreted during times of stress and is made in your adrenals.
  • It can lead to premature aging, increased blood sugar and ultimately diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Exercise, whatever level you are completing, be it a good walk or a triathlon, is also semi meditative. It helps take your mind off your daily irritations and focus on the task at hand. A natural stress reliever. I know I don’t think about work when I am mid burpee!
  • Stress is the silent killer and is not age dependant.

Don’t wait.

Galit Leslie: February 2017

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