What’s your perfect date?!

At LRG Fitness we’ve just got into dates and here are some of our favourite combinations…..

Date with Walnut inside (quick to make and couldn’t be easier).

Date with a dollop of quality peanut butter (again, couldn’t be easier and the peanut butter provides contrast).

Date with blue cheese (different but hey still very easy).

We are always seeking alternatives to unhealthy processed desserts for our kids and indeed us and these make a great sugar alternative.

So apart from tasting great what are the positives? 


  •  Can be a dessert or a snack for kids and adults.
  •  Simple and easy to make.
  •  Taste great and provides that sweet hit.
  •  Potential to assist in decreasing cholesterol.
  •  Prevent and relieve constipation.
  •  Natural energy booster.
  •  Boost bone health.


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