3 weeks


I had met Ben and Nina through a work event where our delivery staff took part in a HIIT and I stood on the sidelines watching as I chickened out of taking part blaming an old injury, but it was actually due to my size and weight. I decided there and then that I would sign up and I would do my HIITs in the privacy of my spare room or hotel room depending on where I was working from. My main reason for joining LRG is to lose weight.


I have worked in Sports and leisure for 7 years now and even had free membership to gyms in my last role- did I use them?? NOPE! Reservations- Would I use LRG (yes I am) , would the ceiling in my spare room be too low ( nope it isn’t)  would my old ankle injury flare up (no it hasn’t) , would Nina be too shouty (no she isn’t but it is spooky when she reminds you on your form just as you start to lose it) , would Ben put me to shame with his jump squats (Yes he does but I will get there!!) ?? You name it I had thought of it as a reservation about joining!


I’m only 3 weeks in but am already noticing I can do some of the exercises that I couldn’t do in week one, although if anyone actually says they enjoy Burpees they are pure weird! I feel great after doing the workouts, I’m discovering muscles I didn’t even know I had that hurt, I sweat, I go red, I want to sink in to the sofa when I’m done BUT the biggest benefit and result is in 3 weeks I have lost 9lbs, I have along way to go but LRG combined with meal planning will get me there.


I have the attention span of a flea so its great o get new exercises every week! . I get mine delivered at the weekend so that I always do at least one workout on Saturday and Sunday then I know that I am on track for the week! And weigh in is a Monday morning 🙂 I have found with my size that I couldn’t physically do some of the exercises but Nina has been great with suggesting alternatives and nobodies watching so go on try doing that pop up!!! Lastly use social media, boast about your workouts and you will find all sorts of support on there from friends, family, colleagues and other LRG users.