About 4-5 months


I was losing motivation in running and the gym. I have always been active and would look for short HIIT sessions on YouTube to try and fit in my day instead of having to walk to the gym…wait for the equipment…do a workout…walk back and then do dinner etc and it be super late to eat. I play netball 2-3 times a week as well, so when I saw I could do HIIT sessions that are tailored to helping my netball as well and I can do them from the comfort of my own home… I thought YES PLEASE!


I was worried that (like other classes) I would get bored of the sessions and therefore not get what I wanted from them. I worried I would start to find excuses not to do them and be back to square one and that my form would not be maintained.

However, within the first 2 weeks this was shut down! I love (still do!) that every single week is different and the excitement of never knowing if there will be burpees or not! Each week spurs you on to do that little bit more and to try new exercises. Some of the exercises I have never done and love they still are beneficial – I can choose my level dependent on my energy and surroundings and still get a great workout from it and Nina ensures form and posture are correct.

Ben and Nina are great on the videos and very encouraging, correcting my posture and form when they aren’t even in the room.

I love that as you progress through the journey, resistance and ab workouts are also added so you are always getting fitter and stronger in a completely tailored and unique way.


I have noticed I am more toned in the ‘harder’ areas (muffin top and saddle bags!). My energy, mood and motivation are higher, and I am much more clued up on my nutrition as well, which only aids my journey. I feel stronger and more confident in myself every week – Instead of saying “I can’t be bothered”, I think “it’s only 20 minutes” and so I get up and do the workout straight away and not only feel better but still have an evening to enjoy as well! I even do the occasional workout in the morning (I hate getting out of bed!) so that is a massive compliment to LRG how good the workouts are! My posture has improved without my noticing (something I wanted to work on) and I am more aware of standing tall with my shoulders back and down and pulling that core in!

Both have been great in checking in regularly to see how you are doing and Nina offered some great advice around nutrition and simple snack swaps and breakfast choices that could really aid my journey. The blog is a great place to check this all out as well.


If you aren’t sure – DO IT! Having weekly workouts emailed to you, you can do them absolutely anywhere, they take 20 mins and the results are fantastic – Why would you not give it ago?

The variation will keep you intrigued, the short burst will keep you motivated and the results will keep you wanting to push that little bit more each week.

It is perfect for all abilities and lifestyles and you will not have more supportive trainers throughout all aspects of your journey. It really does become a habit you want to maintain.

So forget your excuses and start your journey!!!