Have just started week 9 of my LRG journey


I have known for some time now that I needed to do some exercise to not only help towards a healthy heart but also to lose some weight and tone up as am definitely not getting any younger! However, working full time as a teacher alongside being a single parent it was practically impossible to see what and how I could fit anything in to the little free time I had. That is until I embarked upon LRG…even though my lifestyle is pretty active I had not done any ‘dedicated exercise’ for some time so the back to fitness programme has been perfect for me.  It has kept me motivated plus is a lot cheaper than any gym membership!  I can do it anytime, in the comfort of my own home and with no added travelling time which has made it completely manageable for me.


Would I actually be able to fit it in to my week, would I get bored, would it be pitched right for someone who had not exercised in a long time? The answer to all of these is a resounding yes.  Helped by invaluable advice from Nina, I plan at the start of each week which days I am going to do the exercises that week (usually aiming for 3 times) and the fact that I can do it at home within about half an hour is fantastic for me…each week is structured differently and involves different exercises which has kept me motivated and prevented any boredom creeping in.


Definitely feel physically stronger, particularly in my legs and am starting to feel more toned. Used to suffer with lower back pain but can honestly say I have not experienced it at all since doing LRG.  There have been times when I have really had to push myself to do it when feeling very tired after a long day at work but afterwards have felt so much better and so pleased that I did actually stick to doing it.  The two options each week, either following Ben or Nina, is really good as well and I suppose the fact that I am now more frequently following Ben must be a positive sign 🙂


I would really recommend LRG back to fitness to anyone who is wanting to do some exercise but worried about joining a gym or exercise class for fear of not being able to keep up/ feeling really unfit (as I was)… it is perfect as allows you to push yourself but at the same time take it at your own pace and is a gradual increase each week. The instructions and reminders throughout make it very easy to follow. You are sent equipment and extra add-ons which add to the variety, as well as motivational messages along the way which is great. The length of each workout really does make it a realistic option when you have a busy life…there’s no excuse not to join the LRG journey!