Since Feb 2017.

I needed to get fit again but I needed to have something that worked for me in terms of flexibility as to when I work out. I wanted to exercise without having to consider childcare for my children and without having to get to a particular class at a certain time, at least with LRG there are no hassles of booking into classes. I was interested in the fact that it was only 20 mins to start with. I wanted to get up early and exercise before work (so I could get it out of the way!) but having to get in a car and drive to the gym would have left me too short on time, I now just roll out of bed and generally carry out the workout in my P. J’s and trainers when everyone else is sleeping and then hit the shower before work. Also, I think that it is fantastic value for money per month.

I expect they are the same as everyone else, will I use it? Will I get bored? Well OK, it does require a certain amount of self-motivation to get up at silly o’clock to exercise but I have never once regretted doing an LRG workout (once it is over!) The banter between Nina and Ben will raise a smile even at 6am. The progress you make is fab, the fact that the weekly video is always changing and the add-on videos you get throughout your journey keep it fresh; resistance bands, loop bands, abs exercises and weights have meant that I do spend a little more than 20 mins on my LRG because it is all about progression, but it is all good fun and it is good to continue to challenge yourself.

I feel energised and stronger, I find myself able to run up the stairs without having to make a huge effort. I have found that even the weakest parts of my body have become stronger, my stomach muscles were non-existent or at least I thought they were, thanks to LRG I have found them. All my muscles are more defined, and it is satisfying to see. Accompanying LRG with a sensible diet helps with the benefits and will add to your sense of wellbeing. After an LRG workout I feel better set up to tackle my day and life in general, it also has an impact on my stress levels as those happy endorphins are released during exercise making me feel much more positive and better in myself.

Nina has assured me that doing LRG alone is enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle, aside from the occasional swim and family walk LRG is the only exercise I do. Being done 3-4 times a week it really is enough and if you have to keep an eye on the pennies not booking additional classes is a bonus. Nina and Ben are approachable and are just on the end of an email should you have any issues. Nina always responds quickly to any queries I have had, and I have felt their support throughout the journey, it is not just a case of signing you up and getting left to it, they want to make sure everything is working for you. If in doubt sign up today and see what I mean!