Since January 2020


Initially because I wanted a regular HIIT exercise that I could easily do in hotel rooms. I work as a facilitator, coach and educator and can spend weeks away delivering on global leadership programmes.   However, little did I know what was coming in 2020!  In fact, LRG has become the most perfect partner for Lockdown, especially as were shielding as couldn’t even leave the house for 12 weeks – the perfect time to develop good health habits and feel supported.


Would I actually do it? Could I actually do it? But the price point is much better than a gym membership you never use!  So, I went for it. And yes, I was slow to get into it initially, missed a few weeks and then the first time I found the exercises quite hard and wondered if I was too old or had missed the beginning…..but once I repeated them , it only took one/two weeks to really get into it. I love the fact that Nina does an easy version and Ben does a tough version. I now find I can do some exercises of each and pick what suits me and my body.  I don’t think I realised there was this option when I purchased and, if I had, I probably would have got stuck in earlier.


I feel younger and fitter and stronger. And so proud of myself for sticking at it. It really is all about making it your habit. I swear the sessions are shorter now too! I love the fact that you can fit it in even on a really busy day. And eventually when we travel again, I will be pleased it can come with me…..


I love Nina and Ben on the screen – with many videos I find the trainers annoying or repetitive after a while. But I don’t with Ben and Nina – they have a natural, energising and no nonsense style, and I feel connected to them as I work out.  Great to have both a male and female voice. And the variety between sessions is amazing and definitely helps – I have anticipation when I receive my new weekly video now and want to try it out. Great job LRG!