Since January 2018


I gave birth to my son in November and by January I was determined to do something to get my body back to feeling like my body! I looked at countless gyms in the area, all with their hefty membership fees then thought about how long it would take me to go there to workout, plus the added stress of finding someone to watch the baby whilst I went. That’s when I discovered LRG. I can easily fit a workout and shower in during my son’s naps which means I’m maximising my time with him, whilst also having that dose of “me” time all new Mother’s crave. Nina and Ben are always there if you have any questions which has also been important for me due to my Arthritis, it’s brilliant to know support is on hand when you need it.


I guess my main reservation was would it hold my interest and provide the same results as a PT at a gym. The answer of course is yes. The variety of workouts you receive really keeps you engaged, I actually find myself looking forward to Saturdays as that’s when my new workout goes live! When I’ve struggled with my joints, Nina has provided great information on how to best workout without affecting my arthritis.


With regard to the results. I’ve been taking pictures throughout my journey and I’m amazed, not just by how I look but also how I feel. Having a new baby can often make you feel like you’ve lost a bit of yourself, since I’ve started with LRG, I’ve been able to take some time for myself which is brilliant for my mental health as well as my physical health. My arthritis will never be cured but I feel better prepared for flare-ups now, knowing my muscles are stronger to help support my joints.


The workouts are fun! I find that because you know they’re only 20 minutes it’s less daunting and it enables you to push that little bit harder through every exercise. The support you receive is exceptional, I feel like Nina and Ben really know me. LRG really has been the perfect fit for me, allowing me to be a great mum and be as healthy as possible! I love it!