How long have you been a member?

5 to 6 weeks

Reasons for Joining?

I broke my ankle in three places in June, which has restricted my mobility. Prior to the accident I was fairly active – running, playing golf etc…. Talking to Ben & Nina encouraged me to enter their “Back to Fitness” programme.

Reservations about Joining?

I was concerned being 64 whether I would be able to cope with the routines, especially as I have never been that flexible. I was pleasantly surprised at my capability after the initial warm up how I was able to follow the programme and increase my fitness as time went on. Nina also gave me some extra exercises to increase the strength to my ankle, which has definitely helped.

Results / Benefits?

Definitely feel more energetic. I am now able to play a round a golf without the aid of a buggy, which is great. To be able to walk around the golf course is fantastic after 4 months considering the extent of the injury and the LRG programme has definitely helped. I have now started the resistance band training which will improve my fitness further.

Anything else?

LRG offers something for everyone. Nina’s delivery is brilliant and explains each step of the process, especially for someone like me who has never experienced this type of training. I feel its a great way to improve fitness and all in the comfort of my own home! My nearest gym is some 10 miles away and after the initial euphoria of joining one would you continue to use it, I doubt it!