Two months

I play netball regularly and go to a Pilates class once a week but have always supplemented this exercise with some kind of workout DVD. These can become repetitive and I liked the idea of having a new workout sent to my inbox each week. The prospect of a 20-minute workout seemed quite appealing as I knew I would be able to fit it around my children and work.

I have a knee injury at the moment and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the exercises, particularly if they were going to be high impact on my knees. I didn’t want to commit to a monthly payment if I wasn’t going to use it. However, Ben and Nina always offer a challenging workout alongside an easier version. Sometimes I have to opt for the easier option, but I can usually do all of the exercises.

I have always exercised regularly so I wouldn’t say I have seen a huge change in my body, but I am definitely loving the different workouts each week which has added variation to my routine. I am also enjoying having a shorter, more focussed workout which can be fitted in around most of my days. The blog posts on the website are also really interesting and I have been experimenting with all the nutritional recipes and advice given.

The workouts for the rest of the family look brilliant. My daughter is 6 but she has yet to try one of the under 10s workouts because the moment she sees me put my workout clothes on, she jumps into hers as she is so keen to join in and do the workout with me! She loves it! LRG is very much focussed on achieving the best for each one of their members. When I have had any issues, questions or concerns, Nina has always responded to my messages the same day with individual, tailored advice. Nina is a true professional and always makes me feel assured and someone I feel I can trust. There is definitely a family feel to LRG with a nurturing yet professional approach.