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LRG Fitness Programme

Our online fitness programme is ideal for those who are short on time; are body conscious; don’t like the gym environment; are unsure how the equipment works or what to do; don’t want to get sweaty in front of strangers; or are simply looking for a cost-effective way to workout and improve their game! Our workouts allow individuals, couples and families begin a path to fitness from the sanctuary of their own home.

Whether you’re an England netball player, new to the game or watch from the side-lines, netball can be a demanding sport that involves a degree of fitness. HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) along with strength and conditioning training is a proven combination to improve your overall performance in any sport. Bursts of high intensity followed by short periods of rest, combined with working your body in a variety of movement patterns and directional changes are exactly what you experience whilst on the court.

Instructed throughout each workout, choose your own level with our entry and advanced options for every exercise. Our guided and pre-planned online exercise journey is suitable for everyone. Achieve real results as you burn more calories and torch fat; improve your strength and endurance; increase self-esteem and help reduce stress. As HIIT training is transferable to all sports, your family members can also improve in their chosen sport, or simply enhance their day-to-day fitness levels with our under- and over-10 workouts included as standard. Sent directly to your inbox, along with complimentary resistance equipment and tailored strength and conditioning workouts, you’ve everything you need to improve your fitness and get match ready whatever your goals.

50s PLUS Programme

We can’t control getting older, but we CAN control how we do it. When it comes to getting fit, it is never too late to start. Physical activity and exercise can help you stay healthy, energetic, and independent as you get older. Exercise becomes especially important once you reach the age of 50, and according to the NHS there is strong evidence that people who are active have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, osteoporosis, depression, and even dementia.

Just like Walking Netball Our 50s PLUS twelve week online fitness programme is a slower version of the game. In this case, the exercise game! Designed so that anyone can participate regardless of age or fitness level, our programme has been created so that anyone can play. Each of our 20 minute workouts provides entry level and moderate options for every exercise, with routines that you’ll enjoy and to which you can regularly commit.

From your 40s you begin to lose muscle mass, which means you burn fewer calories. Muscle strength is especially important for bone health, balance, and just being strong enough for daily activities such as climbing stairs or carrying shopping. Our all-inclusive fitness programme includes strength and conditioning workouts as standard and along with equipment supplied such as resistance bands and loop band workouts you’ll help slow down muscle loss, improve bone health, strength, and endurance. You’ve everything you need to kick start or further improve your fitness in later life.

LRG Fitness Programme Benefits

  • Exclusive #NetballFamily Fitness Programme

  • New Weekly HIIT Workout Sent To Your Inbox

  • Save Time – Workout In Your Own Home

  • Free Children’s Monthly Workout

  • Designed For All Fitness Levels

  • Free Resistance Bands and Loop Band

  • Strength, Conditioning & Abdominal Workouts

  • Free Dual Branded Gilbert Netball

  • Line Of Contact With Your Trainers (Nina & Ben)

  • Value – 33p Per Day

  • Full Fitness Flexibility – Monthly Rolling Contract

50s PLUS Programme Benefits

  • Exclusive #NetballFamily 12-Week Fitness Programme

  • New Weekly Progressive Workout Sent To Your Inbox

  • Never Worry About Your Workouts Again With Our Pre-Planned And Fully Guided Exercise Journey

  • Save Time – Workout In Your Own Home

  • Low Impact/Moderate Exercises Designed For 50’s PLUS

  • Free Resistance Bands & Loop Band

  • Additional Strength & Conditioning Workouts

  • Line Of Contact With Your Trainers (Nina & Ben)

  • Value – £3.33 Per Week