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England Netball

Netball is a hugely demanding sport that involves high levels of fitness. HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) along with strength and conditioning training is a perfect combination to improve your overall performance. Bursts of high intensity followed by short periods of rest, combined with working your body in a variety of movement patterns and directional changes are exactly what you experience whilst on the court. Our guided and pre-planned exercise journey will help you burn more calories and increase your strength, speed, endurance, and overall athletic performance. As HIIT training is transferable to practically all sports, your family members can also improve in their chosen sport, or simply enhance their day-to-day fitness levels with our under- and over-10 workouts.


Our Partnership

We are delighted to announce our partnership with LRG Fitness. As a new Mum, I went Back to Netball to get some ‘me time’ and to get into shape. After my first match, I realised I needed to do something else to get my fitness levels up, but I have limited free time now I’m a working Mum. LRG Fitness works perfectly for me, I can do the 20 minute HIIT sessions anytime, anywhere. I get a new workout e-mailed to me every week which forms my exercise journey. I’ve never done the same exercise or session twice which keeps me motivated and when I do have additional time I love to do the LRG ‘add on’ resistance band or ab workouts. We are really excited to be able to offer a bespoke programme for our England Netball Members and #netballfamily for all ages and abilities.

Jo Sinclair
Commercial Director
England Netball

Power to Perform

  • Exclusive England Netball Member Fitness Programme

  • New Weekly HIIT Workout Sent To Your Inbox

  • Free Children’s Monthly Workout

  • Designed For All Fitness Levels

  • Free Customised Exercise Equipment

  • Tailored Conditioning Workouts

  • Access to Your Trainers

  • Motivational Email & Updates

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