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Corporate Membership

One of the most positive ways to reduce stress and promote well-being is exercise. Many employers have failed to adequately invest in the health and well-being of their employees, which is costing organisations billions each year. Workplaces can help increase the physical activity levels and thus improve the health of their employees, reduce sickness absence and consequently, increase their overall productivity. Evidence shows that undertaking physical activity can help prevent diseases, maintain a healthy weight and promote mental health and well-being. Encouraging fitness demonstrates a concern for employees’ well-being and it pays off.

With our individual and family memberships, an employer can demonstrate concern not only for the health and well-being of their employees, but also for their employees’ family members who are often actively involved in providing support or sharing the load of the stress and strains of modern life.

Key LRG Benefits

  • Progression – alleviate boredom and ensure maximum fitness development by following our pre-planned exercise journey.

  • Time – super-efficient and only 20 minutes, LRG will fit into your busy schedule.

  • Flexibility – confident that you’ll enjoy our exercise journey but remember, there are no long term commitments, it’s a rolling monthly contract.

  • Knowledge – catering for all fitness levels and with 20 years industry experience, we’ll guide you step by step so never worry or have to think about your workout again.

  • Easability – workout wherever, whenever, wearing whatever and all in the privacy of your own surroundings.

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